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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Grand Entrance Wedding Song and Dance!! Very Fun and Unique!!

unforgettablevideos — August 10, 2008 — Weddings are a celebration!!! have fun with your wedding.... WE DID... and it was the best day of our lives!!
My husband and I are theatre/movie buffs, so our wedding was COMPLETELY MUSICAL! Everyone in the wedding party sang and danced!!.. For example... the GROOM came out singing in his underwear reenacting the bit from "Risky Business", the Groomsmen made an appearance as the Blues Brothers, the Bridesmaids sang and danced to Aretha Franklin "Respect" as well as a song from "Sister Act two". I (Bride) walked down the aisle to the beginning of "Thunderstruck"!!! and then an acoustic version of "Nothing Else Matters", by Metallica, was played throughout our vows. I even sang "At Last" just after we kissed. Everyone loved it!!! It was outrageously romantic and everyone CRIED, LAUGHED, and CHEERED. I had SOOOO many wonderful compliments. The energy was WAY UP, which made for the best reception.
So, if you are a bride getting married, my advice to you is to JUST HAVE FUN!!...and make it your own.... because it doesn't really matter what you do, as long as you and your partner are in LOVE!!!
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Music: Platinum Blonde - Doesn't Really Matter

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